What is Verified Monitoring?

Well, what happens if your system is headless  (Without Keyboard, mouse, monitor) and you don't personally regularly check it? Your CCTV is important, and without you regularly checking it there needs to be a way in which you can be sure the system is to some extent self maintaining itself. Verified Monitoring does a number of things from archiving old images, to checking the systems health and lets you know of anything it thinks might be of importance. Key to this is the systems ability to send alerts when a camera is down or a connection is lost.

In addition, another important aspect is being confident that the system will not stop recording because it has ran out of space. Verified monitoring keeps track of this, recycling space in image caches and archiving files regularly should you choose to do so. Depending on the size of your hard-drive this could be as regular as you want it to be.


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