Why Choose Azimuth Support?

Azimuth is one of the most technologically up to date and complete VMS packages available on the market today. With literally hundreds of integrated IP Cameras and Video Encoders the chances are that Azimuth will provide you with the answer. Our highly definable recording features, fine-tuned over years of development, mean that false recordings and over-use of available storage are all but eliminated, and the options available for your system are seemingly endless.

Beyond what the software does, our support team is right behind you from minute one of your purchase, and we will always do what we can to help you. Support forums are also available, with professional technical support offered around the clock as well as input from customers already using the system.

What’s best, however, is that you can really become a part of the Azimuth story. As perfect as we think our software is, you might wish for subtle changes and we’re all ears! In fact, if you think you can write the codes that will improve Azimuth we’re more than happy to see what you have to offer.

What support is included?

Please click on the details button of subscription plan to see what is included within that plan. Support can come in the form of access to our ticket system or access to our support forum. What you have access to can change per subscription plan.

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