• Access Control
    If you wish to link your CCTV to a door access system why not consider these devices? Specially designed and implemented into Azimuth, these systems can be linked to CCTV channels for verification that access has been granted to authorised personnel. They can also be linked to camera channels to trigger recording when access is granted or denied to a channel.
    With multiple methods of allowing door access, this finger print and ID card reader is one of the most secure methods of validating entry, with access granted with something as simple as a code, or as complex as a 3-way activation requiring a code, finger print, and ID card and even from 3 different people!
  • IAFe (Install and Forget Embedded)
    IAFe (Install and Forget embedded) are pre-built and pre-loaded rack mounted units designed to meet optimum hardware requirements for the Azimuth software. These units can be installed at any location as headless units (void of monitors, mouse, and keyboard) and monitored via the Azimuth Client software. If you're looking for a ready made, quick, and simple CCTV solution this is your answer. With our Azimuth user guide, setting up your cameras will be easy and you'll be secure in no time.
  • IAFep (Install and Forget Embedded Professional)
    IAFep (Install and Forget embedded professional) is very similar to the standard IAFep but for a larger installation. Built with 8 internal hard-drives, this system is designed specifically for the larger installations in which  in excess of 50 cameras are required.
  • Initsys Cameras

    There are a large number of cameras which are supported within Azimuth. Initsys have a range of cameras with different features and price ranges which can be used in a number of different situations. To view the range of Initsys cameras available from the AzimuthVMS store click on the link below.

  • Joysticks
    This joystick is designed to work perfectly with all PTZ cameras added to Azimuth. Plugged into the system it will allow for easier use of PTZ cameras without having to use the mouse. Ideal for central stations.
  • Mobi (Azimuth Mobile Vehicle Security)
    Does your job require you to travel to unsafe locations, or does it increase your risk of personnel attack? The Azimuth Mobi system is designed specifically for vehicle installation to provide front and rear security monitoring. Bought as a system by itself or as a package complete with in-car touch screen monitor and 2 IP CCTV Cameras. Additionally, we can offer the system complete with CoPilot Live Satellite Navigational software at an extra cost. (Please note, this requires a GPS Antenna that will increase the price of the unit).*It must be noted that the Mobi will require additional in-car wiring to take place that is the sole responsibility of the buyer.
  • PioS (Polaris Input Output System)

    Courtesy of Initsys Limited, the PIOS Input/Output system is designed to provide Azimuth with a means for using PIR (Passive Infra Red) devices or similar to trigger a camera or for perimeter detection.

  • VOIP Intercom
    Turn your system into an IP intercom for both Internal and External calls using this SIP Intercome PCB.
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