PioS (Polaris Input Output System)

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Courtesy of Initsys Limited, the PIOS input output system is used when there is a need for a large array of input/output modules and access control devices. It has been designed specifically for the protection of prisons, military component stores and other high risk establishments. You may use PIOS with confidence where ever you require absolute protection of doors, safety devices and other input and output scenarios.

PIOS has its own setup control systems for engineers enabling them to work on the network without the requirement of being in the control room. This allows the visualisation of the location of the devices and their status.

This particular device, the PIOS 2300 is an IP input/Output device that has been designed and built specifically for the Initsys Ltd PIOS Software for ultimate access security. Coupled with the PIOS 670M and PIOS 670P Door access device, the PIOS 2300 can provide the very best in facility security.

Click here to download the PIOS 2300 Datasheet.

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