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If you wish to link your CCTV to a door access system why not consider these devices? Specially designed and implemented into Azimuth, these systems can be linked to CCTV channels for verification that access has been granted to authorised personnel. They can also be linked to camera channels to trigger recording when access is granted or denied to a channel.

With multiple methods of allowing door access, this finger print and ID card reader is one of the most secure methods of validating entry, with access granted with something as simple as a code, or as complex as a 3-way activation requiring a code, finger print, and ID card and from 3 different people!

Available is the BF-670 Finger Print, ID card/fob and Code reader.

***Please note this system does not include standard locks or maglocks commonly used with this type of door access system.***

Verification Option Fingerprint, Fingerprint + Card, Fingerprint + Pin, Card + Pin, Fingerprint + Card + Pin
Verification Mode 1:1 / 1:N.
Verification Time Less than 2.0 sec.
Regisitration Time Less than 3.0 sec.
Capacity 4,795 users, 9,590 templates (2 templates / users )
Log Data 65,000 Events
Relay Output Door lock x1, Ring bell x 1
Communication Interface RS-485 -> Relay Box (BF-20/50/333)   ,  RS-232 -> Dial-up Modem or Mini Printer (SH-24) , TCP / IP -> PC
Communication Speed 10/100M, Auto Crossing.
Card Format 125 KHz (EM/TM) , 13.56 MHz (Mifare)
Reading Range 7 ~ 12 cm (EM/TM) , 3 ~ 5 cm (Mifare)
Keypad 10 Number Key (0 ~ 9) + 6 Function Key. (F1 ~ F4, * , #)
Display 128 x 64 Dots LCD
Operating Temperature 0°C ~ 65°C
Operating Humidity 5% ~ 95% RM
Power DC 9 ~ 24V, 1A
Dimentions 140 x 223 x 65 mm
Weight 580 g.


Click here to download the PIOS 670P Datasheet.

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