Azimuth's MMI

The Man-Machine Interface, or MMI as it's known, is a feature in Azimuth that was designed by a users interface designer trained by Boeing Aircraft Corporation with complete ease of use at mind. The MMI simplifies the process of gathering evidence in a step by step format that even those without the most technical of minds can easily understand.

Using a graph of saved data across a time scale, you can easily scan through a days recordings meticulously searching for the exact image you need to provide to the police or similar. Alternatively it is possible to save entire blocks of footage, from 1 minute long to 6, in order to capture an event taking place. The MMI will consolidate all footage dropped into the "Save List" and can either save it as one entire video, a folder of stills, or break each time sequence up into seperate videos or folders, the choice is entirely yours.

You can save to DVD, USB, or a location of your choice, as well as E-mail the search results to wherever you want them to be sent. With the MMI everything you need is covered.


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