• Azimuth Server Features

    Many industrial CCTV systems are being converted to use internet type networks and require a ultra hi-reliability and easy to use CCTV camera recording solution. Azimuth fills that requirement in a unique way.

      Azimuth uses the Binary Large Object (BLOB) recording method to store all images in hi definition in a secure database.

      CCTV cameras that support MJPEG, MPEG4 and H264.

     Azimuth's user interface has been designed by a Boeing Aircraft MMI (Man Machine Interface) engineer and is extremely easy to use in both live and recorded modes.

     Azimuth hardware can be as simple as a single PC or notebook, or as complicated as a database cluster.

     Azimuth is ideal where large numbers of cameras are concerned and is one of the lowest cost/image systems available in the market.

     Azimuth has used Intel IPP for years, vastly improving efficiency and reducing CPU usage without compromising image quality. (What is IPP?)

     Motion Detection (MD), Digital Inputs and Passive Infra Red (PIR) recording options are available, with one or more required to activate recordings. Highly definable day and night sensitivity settings also allow absolute precision in setting up recording, eliminating false alarms caused by shadowing, wild-life, or foliage, and cell limitations allow you to focus specifically on target size when defining recording.

     Full PTZ and preset control of cameras with the available features.

     Automatic vehicle or target tracking.

     Easy connectivity to remote control rooms or web based CCTV management systems.

     Interactive mapping for precision pin-pointing of camera activation.

     Highly reliable and definable VCA (Analytics) available.
     Connection to 3rd Party applications such as Initsys Merlin (www.initsys.net)
  • Azimuth Client Features

    Azimuth Client is a software package that allow connectivity to Azimuth Server machines installed on properties over a wide range of locations and allows end users to monitor, record and maintain the surveillance of those systems from anywhere in the world providing an internet connection is available. The development of the Client software was born from a requirement for security staff or other personnel to view Azimuth Server machines in a simplified format, offering none of the settings provided on server machines but simply allowing the user to view live CCTV, download recordings from the servers and more. 

    Ability to connect to a potentially unlimited amount of Azimuth Servers regardless of if they are local or remote. A highly secure remote client allowing a central location to integrate and manage large numbers of Azimuth installations.

    ● The client is not just to allow systems to be viewed remotely. It also provides Control Rooms with the ability to view Azimuth Servers machines in the event of an activation. This includes the ability to to view live CCTV, download recordings from the servers and much more.

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