Q: Which cameras are supported with Azimuth Server?

We have a full list of the cameras which are currently compatible with Azimuth here. Feel free to contact us if you need a specific camera integrating, we should be able to add it to the server depending on the manufacturers willingness to share it's SDK's (Software development kits) or API (Application Programming interface). Whilst we will do our best to add cameras as quickly as possible, please consider that it can be a lengthy process that our programmers will do for free. All integrations are also subject to SDKs and APIs being free of charge from the manufacturer.

Why Do Cameras need to be "integrated"?

Many IP cameras differ in many ways. Although they may all transmit via an IP address many send their video streams in different formats, with different levels of authentication and with different commands for their PTZ (and other) functionalities. As such, each camera must be integrated so that it can be operated correctly to its full potential by the Software. To give you an example of this, many Panasonic PTZ (Pan, Tilt and Zoom) cameras have 10 to 15 image presets, whereas other PTZ cameras do not have this option available. As such, Panasonic cameras, when added correctly, unlock these available options.

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