About Azimuth

Don't be fooled, Azimuth is neither a toy nor a gimmick. It is a fully featured VMS for use in professional CCTV installations. With one main difference; its free and unlimited.

The software was developed by a leading programming house and was parked after a change of direction. We have purchased the rights to it and our team has made significant changes and upgrades.

Unlike all other VMS platforms it is entirely free to use, but if you want support we ask that you make a single (annual) fee. This will give you access to the forum and our ticketing system. Otherwise you are on your own, read the manual.

There is no limit to the number of cameras, servers, streams – it's unlimited!

You will find it really is packed full of features, you can add it to any Windows based PC in server mode (including embedded systems – support is available) and there is a client to allow you to feed streams from multiple servers. The client includes MultiCast and UniCast and also MultiCast from the cameras.

The software has been written using the Intel IPP and a licence for its use is included, the processing is therefore blisteringly quick, we think its the fastest VMS on the market. Try it, if you like it use it, if not stay with what you already use. 

If you like what we have done then please subscribe to our support system.
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