About IPP

Intel IPP (Integrated Performance Primatives) is something that has been a part of Azimuth (and previous versions) for a few years. But what does it do and how does it help you?

Intel IPP is a set of DLLs that perform mathematical functions faster than standard library code, as they are coded to the processor family ranges that Intel produce. They use the register and cache values of the processor as efficiently as possible. The idea is that, on the application start up, the library determines which specific processor that you are running the application on and it uses the code made for that processor.
For those of us who don't speak "programmer", Azimuth uses them for JPEG and other graphic coding and buffer handling for block read and writes etc. This improves the image response times and the clarity of the image so that you're getting the best each and every time. It recognises your PC time and your processor and optimises what you see specifically to your computer. That way you don't have to worry about having an older computer, or even one with the latest hardware, as regular updates mean Azimuth will work as efficiently as possible regardless.




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